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5 Ideas for Adding Stone to Your Home Garden

In Bergen County, NJ, home gardeners are always on the lookout for ways to highlight their gardens and make them stand out in their yards. While some might think that planting extravagant and eye-catching flowers presents the most practical answer, it’s not the only way. Introducing some stone elements to your backyard garden can help provide extra dimension and appeal to your garden. When dealing with a sloping backyard and incorporating a designated garden space, having an experienced team of stone masonry contractors can make the process go more smoothly. Here are five of our favorite ways to incorporate stone into your home garden:

Create Defined Areas

You most likely have a specific spot in mind for your garden. The soil is more fertile for your burgeoning garden, it has a good position for catching the sun, or it speaks to your design sensibilities. Instead of leaving everything open, you create a defined edge for your garden with the right application of stone. We work with various stones to build the defined areas you want for your garden and give it a little more personality. 

Keep Grass and the Garden Separate 

One of the things that some homeowners might not consider when they start planting a garden happens while mowing the lawn. Without a proper border or boundary line keeping the grass and garden separated, you could accidentally go over the line and take a chunk out along with the grass. With a stylized stone border between the garden and the rest of the lawn, you can help prevent any accidental mowing and keep your garden looking pristine. 

Incorporate Raised Stones and Gardens 

Some soil isn’t compatible with thriving gardens; it’s an unfortunate part of homeownership that doesn’t have an easy answer for aspiring gardeners. However, you can sidestep some of the issues by creating a tiered garden with fertile topsoil away from the less fertile ground. You can use stone or brick to create the tiers and create the fertile ground for your garden. 

Dry Streams for Sloping Yards

Every backyard has different dimensions that lend themselves to different garden design decisions. For sloping backyards, you have to be mindful of runoff, inclines, declines, and other oddities of the space when planning out garden locations. Utilizing a “dry stream” of smooth stone can help account for the changes in terrain and provide a unique look and contrast to space. 

The Power of a Walkway

With your backyard, finding different ways of expressing your personality and design sensibilities can begin with gardens, patios, and the like. Additionally, you can use our walkway pavers to incorporate a stone walkway to help liven up your space. These walkways can separate the garden area from the rest of your yard while giving you a defined path from your home through the garden. 

The Options Are Endless!

Introducing stone masonry work into your backyard and garden can help create a destination space for your home. With the experienced help of Tribeca Masonry, we can help transform your garden into an area that you can brag to your friends and family about for years! Contact us to get started today!