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5 Sweet Steps to Take Before Tackling a Backyard Renovation

Fall in Love With Your Property All Over Again!

February is the perfect time to start planning your summer renovation, especially if that overhaul includes a backyard makeover. Starting sooner than later will ensure you’ll be basking in your new oasis when summer begins! But, remember, it’s always wise to have a plan. While you probably know how you’d like your new space to look, it’s important to ask yourself a handful of questions prior to construction—so you end up with a final result you truly love. At Tribeca Masonry, we’re always nearby to help guide you toward the best fit and design for your home. From walkway pavers in Bergen County to patio design in Morris County, we’ve got you covered.

Great Ideas for Planning Your Makeover

Ready to begin that property renovation? Do these five things before pouring your whole heart into that outdoor dream!

  1. Make a budget—and stick to it.
    Outdoor remodels aren’t cheap. But they can add serious value to your home when done properly. Knowing your budget not only helps keep you on par, but it helps your contractor plan and design based on your financial plan. Making your budget clear from day one can prevent hassles during the construction process and keep you grounded as to what you can afford.
  1. Create a list of must-haves.
    Once you have a budget, make a list of items you definitely want. A paver patio? A gazebo that includes walkway pavers? Will you be including a raised stone garden bed or are you considering a simple retaining wall? Create your own wish list and then narrow it down to include only the true essentials—so you can be certain you stick to your budget.
  1. Keep your eye on your end goal.
    Watching your backyard undergo a transformation can be very exciting. Don’t let your mind spin out of control, though. Stay with your original plan even though you might be tempted to add new ideas. Piling on will not only break your budget, but will affect deadlines and could frustrate your contractor.
  1. Research the various products and materials to be used.
    While your contractor can certainly explain the different types of materials available to create your dreamscape, it’s good to do your own research on product options. You might find some are better suited to the New Jersey climate, others are resilient yet cheaper, and some should just plain be avoided. When you discuss your plans with your masonry expert, having some knowledge of materials can be very helpful.
  1. Get referrals for a contractor.
    There is really no better marketing than word of mouth. When the time comes to hire a contractor, ask your friends, family and neighbors for referrals. Look at a house where similar work was done. Good contractors encourage this. It shows they are proud of their work and are pleased to show it off. (Hint: Tribeca has a gallery of completed jobs on our website).

Tribeca Wants to Share the Love!

Come summer there will be nothing sweeter than having a backyard that’s the envy of all of your neighbors. Tribeca Masonry, the area’s No. 1 expert for driveway pavers in Bergen County, is happy to help you fall in love with the backyard of your dreams—by getting it started now! Call our office today or schedule your free estimate online. We promise to find you the perfect match!