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Common Problems for Concrete Paving Stones — and How to Fix Them

A beautiful walkway, driveway, or patio constructed of concrete pavers is an excellent way to give your outdoor space a stunning update that is both functional and impactful on the value of your home. These hardscaping projects can provide you with strong, durable areas to entertain or create elegant, level, low-maintenance surfaces that make walking […]

How to Maximize Your Home’s Available Outdoor Space

Maximizing your home’s available outdoor space can be achieved in many ways. Unfortunately, homeowners often overlook the potential of their backyard and garden areas, leaving them underutilized. However, with a few simple changes or additions, you can maximize your outdoor area to create an impressive outdoor living space. 

Things to Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Freshly built outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen spaces are locations where you can entertain guests by cooking some of your favorite dishes. Some of the best outdoor kitchen ideas are decorative and stylish and separate themselves well from the rest of the outdoor living environment. If you’re looking to up the versatility and beauty of your backyard, an outdoor kitchen […]

How to Remove Weeds Between Pavers

If you’re looking for the best weed removal methods for backyard pavers, chances are weeds have sprung up in the cracks between paving stones in your backyard, detracting from its once beautiful look. Unfortunately, weeds thrive in some of the most unusual conditions, including between the cracks in the backyard pavers used in your outdoor […]

Making the Most of Your Property This Summer

Friends coming together for a summer BBQ

With the sun shining bright and school out for the summer, your property is seeing more use than ever. After putting forth the home improvement effort to make your home look as gorgeous as possible, you want to find ways to best utilize your new patio and walkway pavers in Bergen County, NJ. Whether bringing […]

Prioritizing Your Hardscape Renovations in 2022

Every homeowner has a list of renovations they would like to complete in and around their home. Some projects consist of making structural improvements to your property, some are designed to increase curb appeal, and other purely cosmetic changes. Regardless of what they are, each project appears to have to be done now. However, your […]

How Building a New Garage Can Boost Your Home’s Value

New Garage

Homeowners with space to spare on their property have options available to them. Utilizing their area to the best of their ability requires planning and knowing what kind of structures make the most sense for your property. In most cases, building a brand new garage can boost your home’s curb appeal, value and change the […]

How Do I Safely Build a Fire Pit on a Concrete Patio?

A beautifully constructed fire pit in a suburban backyard

Nothing beats a crisp fall evening in New Jersey. Being local to Bergen County, the Tribeca Masonry team is no stranger to spending long nights out on a concrete backyard patio just taking in the fresh air and night sky.

How Can I Make My Backyard Patio More Functional?

An impeccably designed backyard patio at night

Do you love to entertain but don’t think you have a functional outside area to host guests? Many homeowners across the country share this same thought. However, there are plenty of ways of making your backyard patio the ultimate get-together spot this summer!

5 Ideas for Adding Stone to Your Home Garden

A front yard garden with steps and retaining walls

In Bergen County, NJ, home gardeners are always on the lookout for ways to highlight their gardens and make them stand out in their yards. While some might think that planting extravagant and eye-catching flowers presents the most practical answer, it’s not the only way. Introducing some stone elements to your backyard garden can help […]