Working From Home? Here’s How to Add an Office

Install a New Garage for Extra Space Due to the pandemic, the past year has seen more professionals working from home than ever before. The work-from-home phenomenon has also made employers realize the benefits they reap from having work-from-home employees. From reduced overhead and lower real estate costs to less-stressed workers who can be more […]

How Can Renovating My Backyard Increase My Home’s Value?

Backyard with new stone being laid to create a patio space.

Whether you are looking to sell your home now or in the near future, or if you want to maximize your home’s current value, you can find multiple home improvement projects to help along the way. Most people will think that making changes to the front or the interior of their home will significantly impact […]

Are Outdoor Patio Kitchens a Good Idea?

Here Are 5 Reasons the Answer Is a Resounding YES Mmm…Can you smell that pleasant aroma? It’s the scent of spring teasing us as the winter months fade into a new season. Many of us can’t wait for the snow to melt, our flowers to bloom and the sun to shine more—because this means we […]

5 Sweet Steps to Take Before Tackling a Backyard Renovation

Stone veneer patio, steps and firepit installed by Tribeca Masonry in Montclair, NJ

Fall in Love With Your Property All Over Again! February is the perfect time to start planning your summer renovation, especially if that overhaul includes a backyard makeover. Starting sooner than later will ensure you’ll be basking in your new oasis when summer begins! But, remember, it’s always wise to have a plan. While you […]

Winter Is the Perfect Time for Interior Upgrades

Check Out These 5 Amazing Ideas While the holidays may be over, there’s no reason you can’t treat yourself to one last gift. If you’re considering some interior upgrades for your home, winter is the perfect time to schedule that interior stone or brickwork you’ve always wanted. Stone and brick can be an exciting addition […]

How to Care for Your Hardscape During Winter

It’s Simple: Follow Our Professional Advice! Not only are winters in northern New Jersey bitterly cold, but they also have a tendency to dump piles of snow on us. And while the first snowfall of the year tends to look quite beautiful, the effect it has on our outdoor hardscaping year after year can truly […]

Patio Vs. Deck: Is One Better Than the Other?

Our Experts Reveal the Pros and Cons of Each Since the global pandemic hit, homeowners have been spending more hours at home than ever before. And many are using this time to revamp their homes so they have more space for everyone in the family. One way to accommodate this extra space is to move […]

Organize Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

It’s Easy, Fun—and Stunningly Beautiful! For many homeowners, the thrill associated with redecorating a room, repainting walls or tackling other home interior design projects can bring a great deal of satisfaction once it’s complete. Synchronizing matching colors, choosing the best styles and coordinating the proper furniture into a functional layout can make a huge difference […]

The Path to a Successful Landscape…

…Is Paved With 5 Strikingly Attractive Options! Fans of the late American poet, Robert Frost, will remember one of his most important messages fairly well—that the path you choose in life can make a huge difference. Writes Frost in his epic poem, The Road Not Taken: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I […]

6 Easy Ways to Add Style to Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor stone veneer firepit, retaining wall, steps and patio designed and installed by Tribeca Masonry in Millburn, NJ

Prep That Patio for Outdoor Fall Entertaining It’s 2020. And so far this year, nothing has really gone as planned. Thanks to the continued threat of the coronavirus, families are adapting to life in new ways each and every day. One of these changes includes spending much more time at home—especially outside on patios, decks […]