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Do This—And Boost the Value of Your Home!

This Stunning & Sturdy Makeover Is a Winning Trend

Purchasing a new home is a very exciting experience. Once the walk-throughs, paperwork and closing details are finished, new homeowners can settle into their fresh digs and add their very own personalized touches. For many homeowners, these personal touches often include outdoor upgrades—which is where the professional team at Tribeca Masonry excels.

Is a masonry makeover something that’s been on your radar for a while? Tribeca Masonry, your leading patio contractor in Bergen County, knows just the way to enhance that outdoor look. If you’re aiming to make a bold statement with your curb appeal by adding your own personality and style, we’ve got the perfect suggestion—stone veneer masonry.

This quality material is simply ideal when you want to make over the following structures:

  • Exterior accents
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Chimneys
  • Doorways
  • Interior accent walls
  • Fireplaces
  • …And more!

What Is Stone Veneer?

If you’re not familiar with masonry work, you might not know much about stone veneer. But let us assure you, when it comes to adding that “wow” factor to your home appeal, nothing can beat the look and durability of this amazing material. Here’s why.

Stone veneer is a manufactured stone designed to look like real, natural stone. It is a more affordable option than natural stone and mason experts find it easier to work with, too. As an outdoor addition, it is both a decorative and attractive way to transform a boring old façade into an amazing, updated makeover.

Other benefits include:

Easy installation and replacement

Man-made stone veneer is much easier to install and simpler to replace than natural stone. If you ever need to replace it, you won’t have to tear down the entire structure as you would with real stone.

High durability

One of the downfalls of real stone is that it can crack and fade over time. Stone veneer is near-perfect since its durability and strength can sometimes last longer than your actual home! It requires very little maintenance and tolerates Mother Nature’s elements much better than natural stone.


Stone veneer offers more textures and decorative options than natural stone. It can easily be customized to fit your exact needs. Even better, it can be used for anything from walkways and fireplaces to exterior accents and entryways!

Curb appeal

Say goodbye to boring sidewalks and dull cement patios by choosing stone veneer. Its look is elegant and classy and creates a high-end, luxurious appearance. You can easily fool your neighbors into thinking you spent a fortune on a new look when, in truth, the cost is typically very budget-friendly.

Increased home value

Stone veneer doesn’t crack or fade, so your home’s exterior will always appear fresh and new. For a vibrant look that’s guaranteed to increase your home’s value, you can’t go wrong with stone veneer.

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