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How Can I Make My Backyard Feel More Spacious?

Your backyard should act as your oasis away from the world. It’s a place where you can enjoy the outdoors and not worry about your troubles. However, sometimes the space itself doesn’t have the square footage you want, and it feels claustrophobic for your needs. Instead of despairing and lamenting the lack of space, you can take the initiative to utilize the size of your yard better and make it become that outdoor destination you desire. With the help of the following tips from Tribeca Masonry, you can make your dream backyard a reality, no matter your space. 

Play With Angles

When it comes to designing your new backyard setup, how to arrange everything matters a great deal. You want to create the illusion of a larger space and trick your mind into believing it. Homeowners can achieve this illusion through how each area of their yard is laid out. If you install your flooring in distinct diagonal patterns, for example, it will give off the illusion of being more spacious. 

Create Multiple Tiers

Perception creates our reality. If your yard looks larger than the square footage, then you won’t give it a second thought. By creating multiple levels in your backyard, you perceive that the yard is bigger in a vertical sense than in pure width. You gain the ability to create specific spaces within your yard for different uses, and you get a renewed sense of space at the same time! Our retaining wall installation services can help you create these different tiers, establish different levels, and boost your Bergen County backyard’s overall appeal. 

Divide the Space

Making the most of your limited space can help create that illusion of a larger area. You can still find ways to divide the area into specific sections with defined uses with smaller spaces. Creating a lounge area and making a space devoted to outdoor grilling is one such example. By creating distinct delineations, you reinforce the idea that you have more room to play with than you do. You can create specific areas using screens, low walls, small pergolas, or other short structures to balance your space better. 

Taking the time to maximize your backyard’s space can help you see beyond the low square footage and open up a world of new possibilities. Finding different ways to open up your space and create new perceptions based on the layout and functionality can help transform it into your desired setting. With Tribeca Masonry’s help, you can begin to transform your spaces in multifunctional and dynamic ways. Don’t want to stop at changing your backyard? Our driveway pavers can also help transform the front of your Bergen County house as well! 

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