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Making the Most of Your Property This Summer

With the sun shining bright and school out for the summer, your property is seeing more use than ever. After putting forth the home improvement effort to make your home look as gorgeous as possible, you want to find ways to best utilize your new patio and walkway pavers in Bergen County, NJ. Whether bringing your family over for a summer BBQ or doing something for your friends and neighbors, you have opportunities to transform your space into the place to be this summer. 

Before you invite your friends, neighbors, and family over to the festivities, you want to ensure you have everything you need to host the best party possible. With roomy patios, eye-catching retaining walls, spacious driveways, beautiful paver walkways, and even your home and pool decks, you can make your home the summer destination you always dreamed it could be. 

Know Your Available Space

The summer months are a great time to host parties and embrace the beautiful weather. However, to maximize this prime time for friends and family, you need to know what kind of festivities your property can handle. 

If you have a newly installed patio, you have a new spot to host outdoor gatherings for the summer months. You can arrange your furniture to give your guests enough room to mingle and have fun with each other while simultaneously having your grilling station set up to keep everyone full and satisfied in the fresh outdoor living space. 

Use Your Driveway for More Than Cars

While most people will only see their driveways and think of their practical uses, a little creativity can go a long way. A big enough driveway and parking your vehicles in the garage opens the area up as an impromptu party space for you and your neighbors. You can set up lawn games and other activities for the entertainment and have everyone bring lawn chairs with their drink of choice to socialize. 

Neighborhood Potlucks

For your culinary-minded friends, potlucks can prove an excellent way of making the most of your property this summer. You can plan the get-together around a specific theme, have everyone prepare something, and enjoy time spent together with something each person created. 

Additionally, if you have an outdoor kitchen setup, you can have your guests that want to make things hot and fresh have the tools to make that happen — opening up the potluck possibilities. Hiring our professional patio contractors in Bergen County, NJ, can help ensure your visions for a dynamic outdoor party space can be ready for the summer. 

Make Your Walkway Pavers Look Their Best

Connecting each area of your property can help set the right tone for your summer parties. If your pavers haven’t received the same care and attention as your patio or driveway, they will stick out badly.

Aesthetically pleasing walkways help lead your guests where they need to go to experience the next parts of the festivities. You can create unique designs and color schemes for the pavers to showcase your design and style preferences. Not only will this help elevate your next gathering, but it can also boost your curb appeal. 

Let Tribeca Masonry Get Your Home Summer Ready!

Making the most of your property during the summer can mean different things to everyone. Finding ways to transform your home into a multifunctional area for you to have your friends and family over can involve hardscaping work best left to the professionals. Tribeca Masonry has provided our customers with excellent stone and masonry work that elevates the appearance and value of your home. 

Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your property this summer!