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Organize Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

It’s Easy, Fun—and Stunningly Beautiful!

For many homeowners, the thrill associated with redecorating a room, repainting walls or tackling other home interior design projects can bring a great deal of satisfaction once it’s complete. Synchronizing matching colors, choosing the best styles and coordinating the proper furniture into a functional layout can make a huge difference in how you enjoy your living space. When your home is organized, designed and functioning at its best, you feel better about being home. So, why should your love for your outdoor space be any less than your love for your indoor space? It shouldn’t be!

It’s time to take that joy of organization and design and extend it to your patio space. With a little help from Tribeca Masonry, your patio installation experts in Bergen County and Essex County, you can get it done!

Creative Ways to Add Definition & Style

So, where do you begin? For starters, your outdoor living area should be an extension of your indoor style. Choosing clean lines and geometric patterns helps add elegance and flair and also allows you to define areas for different types of entertaining.

Here are five professional approaches to redefining your outdoor design:

  1. Insert a dining area
    How much do you love your dining room? Try something similar with your outdoor setup by creating a kitchen with an outdoor grill surrounded by a rustic table and chairs. Define this space by keeping it in a geometric design and installing retaining walls to set it apart from lounge or pool areas.
  1. Sprinkle in some hard benches
    Consider adding some built-in benches. Retaining walls can be connected with stone to create outdoor benches, which offer extra seating. This layout helps define areas of your yard. Place benches in your entertaining area or near a fire pit. To add softness, color and elegance, incorporate outdoor pillows into your decor.
  1. Design a custom fire pit
    Let our team design a custom fire pit to jazz up your yard! Fire pits are very popular these days and can be enjoyed year round. We will use stone or brick to create a great option that complements your home’s architecture. For more flair, we can add an accent wall near the pit. These stunning and sleek additions help add definition to any backyard space. Plus, they create a special area just for chilling around the fire. Who wouldn’t want to roast marshmallows near one?
  1. Install a sunken terrace
    Do you have a hilly yard or steps leading down to a grassy or unfinished area? Consider creating a small courtyard or a separate sitting area with a sunken terrace. Our masonry experts can help you visualize the perfect design. Whether you’re thinking stone or brick, a sunken terrace truly helps designate one area from the next.
  1. Retaining Walls
    Nothing defines a space better than a stunning retaining wall. These sturdy additions can break up dining locales from lounge areas and even add a touch of organic flavor with built-in garden beds on top. Investing in a retaining wall can really elevate your curb appeal and add value to your property.

Defining Your Space Is Easy—and Fun!

Fall is a great time to do something exciting and fun with your backyard and patio space. Our masonry pros would love to be the team to help create the ideal outdoor setting for you and your family. Feel free to call us at 973.513.2937 or visit us online for a free quote regarding retaining wall installation in Bergen and Essex counties or simply to discuss new ways to upgrade your patio space.