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Patio Vs. Deck: Is One Better Than the Other?

Our Experts Reveal the Pros and Cons of Each

Since the global pandemic hit, homeowners have been spending more hours at home than ever before. And many are using this time to revamp their homes so they have more space for everyone in the family. One way to accommodate this extra space is to move it outdoors. If you’ve considered adding a patio or deck to your architecture, fall is the perfect time to do it. But how do you decide which addition is best for your home’s design? Should you build a deck or a patio? Great question! And as New Jersey’s leader in patio installation in Essex County and the surrounding area, we’re here to help explain the pros and cons of each one!

Is Your Home Better Suited for a Deck or Patio?

If you’re waffling between building a deck versus a patio, here are some pros and cons for each that might help you decide.



Unlike a patio, a deck addition can be built high off the ground—even constructed off the second-floor living space. A second-floor deck offers more privacy and a better view since it’s raised off the ground. From wood to vinyl, decks are often very attractive and can include railings and steps—something you won’t be able to do with a patio.


A patio is constructed directly on the ground. It can be connected to the home or built separately from the house, so your options for where to place this addition are more flexible. Of course, patios are suited best to level ground, whereas a deck can be built on uneven land.



When it comes to cost, decks tend to be the pricier option. However, they typically take less time to construct and can give you up to 76% better return on your investment than a patio.


Patios typically cost a fraction of what a deck costs when concrete is used.



The ability to customize your deck makes this an attractive option. Decks can be painted or stained to your liking—or built to complement your home’s current style. If you build a wooden deck, it requires regular upkeep (fresh paint or stain), whereas decks built with composite materials and vinyl railings do not. Decks also absorb heat much better than concrete patios—keeping you a tad cooler.


Stone pavers and concrete are highly durable. This means they require very little upkeep and maintenance year after year. Risks include possible cracking if the patio is not properly installed and slippery spots during wet weather. (Call on Tribeca to construct your patio and we’ll ensure that your patio is installed properly and professionally, so cracks shouldn’t happen!)

Other Important Ideas to Consider

Aside from cost, maintenance and construction, there are a few other things to consider when you’re debating between a patio or deck. For example, if you would like to add more landscaping to your yard, adding a patio surrounded by shrubs and gardens might be a better match. On the flip side, if you’re looking for better privacy at your home, a deck with privacy walls or railings might better fit your needs. Basically, it all depends on personal preference. Our job at Tribeca Masonry is to help explain all of the benefits of each so that you can make an educated decision—and then construct the outdoor space of your dreams!

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