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Prioritizing Your Hardscape Renovations in 2022

Every homeowner has a list of renovations they would like to complete in and around their home. Some projects consist of making structural improvements to your property, some are designed to increase curb appeal, and other purely cosmetic changes. Regardless of what they are, each project appears to have to be done now. However, your renovation budget and other practical reasons can throw a wrench into your best-laid plans.

hen it comes to making the most out of your home remodeling budget, you want to target the projects that provide the most value to your living space and make sense for your situation. Every home remodeling project is different and will present unique challenges to your hardscape construction contractors. 

There’s a science behind prioritizing your upcoming remodeling projects, and Tribeca Masonry is here to help you make more informed decisions for your situation. 

Stay Organized 

First and foremost, you need to be properly organized before deciding whether you need a retaining wall contractor, someone to help install an outdoor kitchen, or better use of your property’s square footage. If you don’t have an organized list of what projects you want to get done, you’ll end up jumping from project to project without rhyme or reason and watch the remodeling costs skyrocket. 

Necessities Versus Luxuries — Know the Difference

Now that you have the projects you want to tackle, you need to take an honest look at each project. Not only at the cost estimates for each one, but at the function they will ultimately serve your home. If you have a load-bearing wall that needs reinforcements up against extending your patio a few feet so you can entertain more guests, figuring out which one is the necessity and the luxury will help determine which gets priority. 

With outdoor living projects costing homeowners significant chunks of their renovation budget, it is essential to knock out the necessary projects before moving onto the nice-to-have list. Checking off the vital projects out early will boost your home’s real estate value and allow you to add the luxuries without worrying about a more significant issue waiting in the wings. 

Getting the Time of Year Right

An additional factor homeowners need to consider when they schedule their hardscaping projects is what time of year they want the project done. Typically, the spring, summer, and early fall offer the perfect balance between temperature conditions and dry weather to complete outdoor projects. However, if the weather conditions allow, scheduling something in the off-season can help you drive down the total home renovation costs. 

You can also schedule interior stone veneer projects in the winter months where others aren’t thinking about renovations. You can potentially get a better deal on these types of projects and bring the average cost down to save for larger projects in the future. 

Choosing a Contractor

As with most home renovation projects, picking your contractor has an outsized impact on how your hardscaping projects affect your budget. Finding patio contractors that work with you to maximize your available budget, deliver quality finished projects, and have an established reputation becomes a crucial piece of the puzzle. Tribeca Masonry checks all of these boxes for our clients!

If you have hardscaping projects you want professionally tackled in 2022, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! Contact Tribeca Masonry to get your free quote today!