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Masonry Steps in Bergen County NJ

Inviting people into your home should be a joyous occasion. Friends and family come by for a visit, and you want to welcome them with open arms. Instead of letting them walk to your door and have to take a big step up to come inside, why not have a set of professionally crafted masonry steps installed?

As your guests approach your home, you want to give them the best first impression possible. Beautifully crafted masonry steps can help make that first impression count. The Tribeca Masonry team can bring your vision to life and give your home well-designed and beautifully crafted brick or stone steps leading to your front door!

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Timeless Brick Steps for Your Home

Every home has a different aesthetic that it strikes. Some have a throwback to yesteryear styles, while others have a more modernist bent to it. No matter the type of home you have, our team of talented contractors can craft the steps you have always wanted. It all starts with the materials you wish to utilize, and one such material used for steps for generations is brick.

Bricks have been a timeless staple of step construction. They provide homes with that throwback look, sturdy build, and enhanced durability, leading to their status as standard-bearers for masonry steps. Our team of experienced contractors can take your Bergen County, NJ home and give it the brick steps you have always wanted.

Beautifully Crafted Stone Steps

While brick has remained a popular choice over the years, stone steps have gained equal popularity while providing a different look for homeowners. These masonry steps can be made from various stone slabs, each giving your home a unique identity and feel to compliment the rest of your space.

The most common stone used in steps includes granite, bluestone, and limestone. These natural stones provide your home with a different eye-catching dimension than your neighbors.

Stonemasonry steps can often come in the form of treads and risers. In simple terms, the tread is called “depth,” and the outer edge of the step to the vertical, known as “riser,” is measured between each step. The “width” is measured from one side to the other. Knowing how tread depth, the height of the riser, and the width are calculated can help you ensure that your home’s incoming stone steps are ready to go and installed perfectly without worrying about any hiccups.

In addition to installing beautifully handcrafted masonry steps, our team of trained professionals can also help you with:


You have a vision in mind for what you want the masonry steps to your home to look like to your guests. Now you need an experienced hand to come in and bring that vision to life. Tribeca Masonry is among the best masonry contractors providing paver patio installation & staircase construction services with various benefits of installing retaining walls for your Bergen County, NJ, home. Call us now or get a free quote from our expert professionals!