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The No. 1 Way to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Professional Garden Design Will Wow Your Neighbors

Once April hits the New Jersey area, we really start to feel like we’ve turned the corner—at least when it comes to weather. Warmer weather means more time spent outdoors, and more time outdoors means you better be prepared for your neighbors to gossip about your property if it’s not up to par!

But don’t worry. As the area’s leading patio contractor in Bergen County, our team at Tribeca Masonry has the tricks you need to elevate your curb appeal to new heights. This month, we are sharing the No. 1 way you can boost your property’s beauty.

Are you ready to up your outdoor game? Drumroll, please … It’s time to create a beautiful new garden design!

How to Create the Garden Oasis of Your Dreams

These days, a garden design involves much more than simply planting colorful flowers and pretty shrubs in a bed of mulch. Professional garden designs include a wide variety of elements, including paver walkways, retaining walls, garden beds, entertaining areas and more. But in order for yours to complement your home and work well, it needs to be done right. As professional masonry architects, here are six things we recommend when designing that new garden.

A successful garden design should follow these guidelines:

  • A roomy path or walkway is essential. If you’re adding a walkway, a good rule of thumb is to be sure you have about 3 feet to 4 feet width of walking space. The path should be able to comfortably fit two people walking side-by-side. No one likes to feel crowded.
  • Be mindful of steps. Looking to include steps? If so, incorporate steps with no more than a 6-inch rise. Remember, you don’t want your stairs to be daunting to guests. If you create a staircase that has more than 10 steps, consider a landing area every fifth one.
  • Install a pathway that has good footing. If your footpaths are going to see a lot of foot traffic, you’ll want to lay down some solid footing. A high-quality paver, brick or bluestone pathway are all solid choices for a new garden path—and it’ll look stunning, too!
  • Create flower beds that allow room for growth. When planting, don’t forget to keep new seedlings about 36 inches apart to allow room for growth and new plantings, too. You don’t want to overcrowd those colorful blooms!
  • Don’t forget about flowering shrubs and fruit trees for color. Sure, pretty flowers offer stunning colors to make your garden pop. But remember there is other foliage that can brighten up your space, too. Hydrangeas are just one option that offers color in the autumn, while the white blossoms on dogwood trees are also quite pretty.
  • Include an entertaining space. If you’re building a pleasant walkway that winds around colorful garden beds, don’t forget to include a separate area at the end for entertaining! A paver patio is the perfect idea for this, while retaining walls can help designate between areas.

Let Us Build You a Winning Garden Design This Summer!

We are living in uncertain times. Fortunately, these times still allow for us to enjoy the outdoors. Improve your property’s beauty with a new garden design from our team at Tribeca. We can design, construct and install your dream garden today.

Please remember that Tribeca Masonry is always here for you when you need masonry services such as new driveway pavers in your Bergen County home. We will do everything we can during the COVID-19 outbreak to keep you safe, including practicing social distancing. When you need us, call our office at 973-513-2937.