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Things to Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen spaces are locations where you can entertain guests by cooking some of your favorite dishes. Some of the best outdoor kitchen ideas are decorative and stylish and separate themselves well from the rest of the outdoor living environment. If you’re looking to up the versatility and beauty of your backyard, an outdoor kitchen can add a special element to your home. Every exterior design requires a bit of research, knowledge, and patience, so start with some of the most important things to consider, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space for your home!

Budget, Budget, Budget

Before proceeding with any project, an understanding of your budget is extremely important. How much money you’re willing to spend can help your contractor outline the right design that fits your price range while including as many details as possible. 

A poor understanding of your budget will leave you and your contractor in the dark and can even lead to higher prices than you may have anticipated. Remember, outdoor kitchens include plumbers, electricians, designers, and many other things. Provide stability by setting a firm budget and doing your best to fit things into it. 

How Will Your Kitchen Layout Look?

Make sure you have a functional layout that doesn’t take up too much of your backyard space but also maximizes the area available. Most L-shaped kitchen designs with bars can fit well as an outdoor kitchen, especially if you plan on throwing larger parties or events. Conversely, a smaller space with a grill might be all you need if small family gatherings are on the menu. Either way, make sure the layout makes the most of your space while considering how you plan on spending time in the outdoor kitchen.

What Design Options Can I Choose?

With the increasing amount of homeowners looking to build an outdoor kitchen, there’s a desire to match indoor kitchen designs with outdoor ones. But don’t get locked into a simple design. There are plenty of other ways to customize your outdoor kitchen, so think about stainless steel cabinets that reduce corrosion or incorporate design finishes that mesh with your entire living space. Choose a beautiful countertop that ensures strength and durability and can withstand high temperatures. If you need help deciding which way to go, work with qualified patio installation contractors to outline a full outdoor kitchen and patio design.

Keep Your Kitchen Away From the Elements

Remember, your kitchen will be outside, meaning it will have to deal with the impact of the weather. If you’re living in an unpredictable and varied climate like New Jersey, you know how difficult it can be for outdoor appliances to withstand the rapidly changing weather conditions. So make sure you get an overhead pergola or add screens and barriers that keep leaves, wind, and rainwater away. If you want to enjoy the outdoors in the winter, a few large overhead heaters can turn your kitchen into a dining location without sacrificing comfort.

Additional Considerations

Some other smaller factors play a huge role in your kitchen design. How else will you be able to see what you’re cooking or store leftovers for later? Before finalizing your layout and design, check some of these off your list to ensure you complete the perfect outdoor kitchen.

  • Lighting – Without lighting, what good is your kitchen? Make sure meal prep and cooking locations have adequate lighting and install colorful and decorative lighting to separate the kitchen from the rest of the backyard. 
  • Bars – Do you want to add a bit more to your outdoor kitchen experience? Add a bar that elevates the area and creates a space for a little more fun!
  • Seating Arrangements – After you cook all that delicious food, make sure there’s a place for you and your guests to sit down, relax and enjoy their meals. 
  • Outdoor Storage – Outdoor kitchens can be susceptible to pests and natural fluctuations in weather conditions. Consider getting high-quality storage for some of your more important utensils and items. 
  • Appliances – Make sure all your appliances are versatile and useful. Get grills that provide multiple levels of cooking or well-protected refrigerators to combat the summer heat.

Consider Who Will be Installing Your Outdoor Kitchen

None of these considerations will matter if your installation company isn’t up to the task. Choosing any old installer only leaves you hoping things go well and will likely lead to mistakes that could be avoided. Remember, installing your outdoor kitchen will involve wiring, gas, and other things that can be extremely dangerous if they aren’t given the proper care and attention. With the team at Tribeca Masonry, North Jersey residents won’t have to stress about a poorly installed outdoor kitchen. 

Contact our neighborhood masonry specialists for more information on how we can help you! If you’re looking to improve the interior or exterior of your home, there’s no other contractor that you need! Improve your home value and experience a new world where you have quality kitchen appliances available inside and outside your home.