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Top 3 Cleaning Tricks for Walkways, Pavers & Patios!

Your Outdoor Living Space Needs TLC, Too

New Jersey homeowners are typically enthusiastic about the month of May. In our little corner of the country, it’s when the weather turns warmer, barbecues are plentiful and Memorial Day ushers in the summer beach season. It’s also when we open the screen doors to extend our indoor living space to our backyards. So many of us relish the days where we sit on the back patio soaking up the sunshine and reading a good book by the pool or garden.

But don’t forget: In order to enjoy your outdoor oasis to its fullest, you need to keep up with outdoor maintenance. This is especially important after a long winter when harsh elements can take a toll on your property. At Tribeca Masonry, we have some insider tips to offer when it comes to cleaning your outdoor space this spring. Our tips will be particularly helpful for homeowners who’ve recently had paver installation in Bergen County! So, grab your garden hose and cleaning supplies and let’s get started!

Simple Tips for a Cleaner Patio

We all know how to grab some window cleaner or grease cutter to remove spots and stains inside our homes. But what do we do when our walkways and patios get compromised over a rough season? Simple. You follow these cleaning hacks that we’ve relied on for years.

Problem: Leaf stains on pavers

Solution: There’s nothing more disheartening than having beautiful stone pavers installed, only to find them stained with leaves the next season. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do. The first option is to wait it out. Many times, the elements can wash away the leaf stains. A second option is to clean the pavers by mixing dish detergent with warm water. Use a soft, bristled brush to clean the stains away. Avoid using a pressure washer, which can dislodge the sand in the joints and damage the surface.

Problem: Algae and mold on brick pavers

Solution: If algae and mold have attacked your brick pavers, give this old trick a try on a sunny day. Hose down your brick pavers using the highest setting of your garden hose to wash away as much algae and mold as possible. Scrape away any remaining mold with a plastic spatula. Next, make a solution of one cup of bleach with one gallon of water. Rinse the brick pavers with the garden hose and then apply the bleach solution (spray bottles work great) to the algae and mold areas. (It is always a good idea to test a small area first.) Scrub with a soft-bristled brush, making sure to get all the mold’s roots. You can scrub between the pavers, too, but be careful not to remove any of the filler. Rinse again with the garden hose and let it dry in the sunlight!

Problem: Moss, grass and weeds growing between joints

Solution: Annoying moss and weed growing between your pavers or alongside your patio? Easily control grass between pavers by applying a weed killer or a herbicide with glyphosate and diflufenican. If you prefer a chemical-free approach, you can use special weeding tools or try boiling water to kill grass between the cracks. Run a sharp knife along the cracks to cut through the grass at the surface of the paver. Taking safety precautions so you don’t burn yourself, pour the boiling water over the remaining growth. Do this several times until the grass dies.

Need a Masonry Contractor?

May is a wonderful time of the year to be outside—grilling, entertaining and just enjoying the great outdoors. If you need to upgrade your property with paver walkways, retaining walls, driveway improvements or other masonry work, please give our team a call. Our landscape retaining wall contractors in Bergen County and masonry experts are always available to discuss your plans and offer free estimates. Book an appointment online today!