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Working From Home? Here’s How to Add an Office

Install a New Garage for Extra Space

Due to the pandemic, the past year has seen more professionals working from home than ever before. The work-from-home phenomenon has also made employers realize the benefits they reap from having work-from-home employees. From reduced overhead and lower real estate costs to less-stressed workers who can be more productive without the headache of commuting, the end results can be pretty satisfying. The main problem for remote workers? No room in the house for office space!

Well, say hello to Tribeca Masonry. Our team of professional masonry experts can flawlessly create additional workspace by completing garage construction in your Bergen County home. After all, garages aren’t just for cars anymore. They can serve many other purposes, too!

Make That Extra Space Your Own

Garages come in all shapes and sizes. So, if you’re considering expanding your space, our team can help. From an addition that is built right onto your home to detached options, we design and install it all. And with a garage addition, you can take that space and make it your own—including using it for a home office. Once your new garage is complete, you’ll want to make sure you make the most of it. Here are five tips for doing just that:

  1. Invest in an insulated door. If you’ll be working from a garage office, an insulated door is a must—especially in Bergen County where our winters can get awfully cold. Make sure to properly seal the space and use an oscillating fan or space heater, depending on the season. 
  2. Organize well. Splitting your garage into an office and a storage area for outdoor items? No problem. Purchasing wall shelving, bookshelves or storage racks will keep things orderly. Tuck your office into a cozy corner and decorate accordingly. Use shelving and storage racks in another area for your sports gear, kids’ toys or other items.
  3. Add good lighting. Many garages don’t have much light—or windows (although we can include windows when constructing your garage). Add desk lights or standing lamps near your work area to make it functional and bright.
  4. Add warmth. Bring warmth and a cozy flair to your office space with area rugs and furniture. Hardy live plants or even fake plastic trees will help make your space more inviting, too. Walls too dull? Get out that paint brush and add a splash of vibrant color.
  5. Maintain separation. Keep your office space separate from your garage storage area. Use barriers such as filing cabinets, furniture or shelving to define each space.

Tribeca Is Bergen County’s No. 1 Choice for All Things Masonry!

Along with professional installation of driveway pavers, patio pavers, retaining walls, stone veneer additions, walkways, steps and more, Tribeca Masonry is available to create an amazing new garage addition for your home. Our award-winning team has over 20 years of experience and is happy to schedule a free quote to discuss your ideas for any type of brand new hardscape addition. Call us today or view our gallery for ideas!